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“Digital in 2017 Global Overview” reports that now more than half of the world population carries at least 1 smart phone. The research is made over 238 countries worldwide and 2/3 of the world owns a mobile phone. More than half of the web traffic in the world is done through a mobile phone.

Now the “information” is as close as our fingertips. Dahi, which means “Genius” in Turkish, aims to develope mobil applications while the world is heading to the 22nd century, as it is more global and smaller than yesterday.


Who We Are

  • CEO

    Ogün Gidişoğlu

    B.Sc., MBA

    Ogün Gidişoğlu, is born in Izmir, Turkey in 1970. He is graduated from Izmir Atatürk High School and Nuclear Engineering Department of University of Hacettepe. He has been working in energy industry since 1998 and since 2012 he is a senior manager of a global company. Ogün completed his MBA at Izmir University of Economics in 2016. He has several trainings on Leadership, Influencing Skills, Building Essential Leadership Skills, Lean Sigma Six, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence and others.

  • CTO

    Ege Atıcı


    Ege Atıcı is born in Izmir in 1993. She completed her degree at Ege University, Computer Engineering Department in 2017. She went to Germany for student exchange program and attended Darmstadt Technical University on Computer Sciences. Ege specializes in web technologies, mobile software and game development.


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Folkart Towers
Adalet Mah., Manas Blv., No: 47
A Tower, Floor: 34 , Suite 3406
Bayraklı 35530
İzmir, Turkey



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