According to the “Digital Global Overview” report, more than half of the world now uses at least 1 smartphone. Almost two-thirds of the world's population owns at least one mobile phone, according to the study, which includes data collected from 238 countries. More than half of web traffic worldwide now comes from mobile phones.

With mobile devices, which are now a part of our daily life, information is at our fingertips. While advancing rapidly towards the 22nd century, Dahi aimed to deliver information at any time and place with mobile applications in the rapidly globalizing and shrinking new world order.

In parallel with the rapidly changing shopping habits before and after the pandemic, Dahi also stepped into the e-commerce world with its Dahi Shop registered brand in the USA and took its place as an active seller in Amazon America.

Education & Learning



Dahi specializes in:

  • Mobile Games
  • Mobile Apps for Education and Learning
  • Mobile Apps for Tourism
  • E-ticaret
  • E-commerce Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Energy

Dahi is registered with Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) under the number 533141741.